As we reach the halfway point of our Beyond Journey, we are thrilled to share an updated look into what we are building together. Here’s a glimpse of the exciting new spaces and features that are coming to our community:

Expanded Lobby

Our new and expanded lobby will provide a welcoming space where people can gather and connect before and after services. This area will enhance our sense of community and offer more opportunities for meaningful interactions.

Additional Classrooms

We are adding more classrooms to accommodate Essentials, Discover, Celebrate Recovery, and other programs. These new spaces will allow for growth and provide a comfortable environment for everyone to take their next step in their spiritual journey.

New 500-Seat Auditorium

A major highlight is our new 500-seat auditorium, designed to better serve our students. This versatile space will be a vibrant midweek venue and will offer a dedicated experience for middle school students during our weekend services. We are excited about the potential this new space has to impact the lives of our young members.

New Cafe and Community Spaces

Our new Cafe will be larger and open throughout the week, featuring an indoor/outdoor coffee shop, an outdoor plaza, and a community play area for kids. We envision this area becoming a beloved third place for our community and church, fostering connections and providing a welcoming environment for all.

As we continue to move Beyond being just a church IN the city to being a church FOR the city, we remain steadfast in our mission. Because GOD’S NOT DONE…SO, WE’RE NOT DONE.