Week 1

Living Beyond

What does it look like to live in the BEYOND? In this first message, Pastor Dave shows us how to live a life in the BEYOND takes living fully available, full of faith, and going all in together in community.

Week 2

Prepare a Place & Pray ‘em Home

Why invest in physical buildings? Join us in week two as we look at what the Bible says about preparing a place where people can experience the presence of God. We  also hear stories of people who have found life in Christ as a result of other's financial sacrifice.

Journey Guide

Will you join us on this journey? This guide will take our church on a 6-week spiritual discipleship journey during March and April 2023. Our hope for you is that God will use this journey to call you to a deeper walk with Him and a sense of peace that this is where He wants you to invest your life and grow in your knowledge and love for Him.

Available in the Vacaville Campus Lobby